Into The Jaws of Death

by Private Jack O'Brien


73194 Private John "Jack" O'Brien was one of the original members of the 28th Battalion, starting out in No. 10 Platoon. He transferred to the 250th Tunnelling Company in May 1916 after a call for volunteers. He was working at Hooge on June 6, 1916 and was captured in the battle following the mine explosion under the 28th Battalion that day. He spent some time in a German POW camp before escaping with another man and wrote a book about his adventure which was published by Dodd, Mead and Company of New York in 1919.

The appendix is a narrative of the the 28th Battalion history from letters sent to Jack O'Brien from his 'chum' from No. 10 Platoon, 73137 Private Edgar Robert "Bob" Goddard. It is this narrative that follows.

Bob Goddard was born on July 4, 1882 in Ipswich, Suffolk (or Suffold?), England and was an upholsterer before the war. He was 5'6" with black hair and blue eyes and enlisted in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on October 24, 1914. He survived the war after being invalided home with fifty-six unremoved grenade fragments in his legs.

I wish to thank Tom Gudmestad of Seattle, for bringing this book to my attention (2002) and sending me a copy of the appendix from the book that follows. I have now (July 2006) received a copy of the entire text of this book, which tells the story of Jack O'Brien's war. Many Thanks to Mr. Guy St-Denis of Ontario for his fine photo copy of this text and digital scannig of the photographs within. Being a first generation photocopy, I expect to have an easier time converting it for the web than I have been having with the Scott-Calder manuscript.

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