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Major-General Steele

Commanding 2nd Canadian Expeditionary Force

Major General Steele
Lt. Col. H.B.D. Ketchen

on the left,

Lieutenant-Colonel H. B. D. Ketchen

Brigadier, 6th Infantry Brigade

on the right,

Major Moore

Brigade Major, 6th Infantry Brigade

Major Moore
H.Q. Staff - 6th Inf. Bde.

Headquarters Staff 6th Infantry Brigade

Pte. J. B. Symes, Pte. W. Farmer, Pte. C. D. Whitford,
Pte. E. Legge, Pte. J. L. Fleeming, Pte. D. W. Sayers

Pte. H. H. Payne, Pte. L. L. Brown, Pte. H. R. Allen,
Pte. F. J. Elliott, Pte. A. Wales, Pte. A. R. Andrews,
Pte. C. J. Randle

Cpl. A. H. J. Parson, S.-Sgt. H. G. Simmons,
S.-Sgt. S. J. M. Smith, S.-Sgt. J. J. Fitz-Henry, Cpl. P. Doyle, Pte. N. McKay

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