(OCTOBER 1914 - JUNE 1919)

How it came to be published here

Donald George Scott-Calder, E.D. was, for many years, the Official Historian of the Royal Regina Rifles Regiment. He had served with the 28th Battalion in the Great War, coming as a reinforcement from the 195th Battalion. Before enlisting at Regina in 1916, he was a 21 year old school teacher from Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan. He finished compliling this history in 1961 after many years of research. Unfortunately, his work remained unpublished in his lifetime, though photocopies of the manuscript found their way into various librairies and archives across the country. The rights to his book were left to the Regina Rifles Regiment when he passed away.

In late 1999, I started my first version of a web site about the 28th Battalion. At that time, there was very little specific information about the 28th Battalion available. I received a copy of Major Scott-Calder's book in September of 2001 from Captain David.K. Ratz, an archivist at the Thunder Bay Military Museum, to help with my research for this web site. I immediately wanted to see it published, ideally in print. The problem then facing me was finding who had the rights to the book.

In May, 2003, I was contacted by Colonel (ret'd) J.A. Jameson, who was Commanding Officer of the Royal Regina Rifles from 1964 to 1967. Colonel Jameson has been, and continues to be, a great help to me with this project. He rediscovered that the R.R.R. held the copyright to the book and, with the Regimental Trustees, arranged to have the rights transferred to the The Royal Regina Rifles Trust Fund in January 2004. The Regimental Trustees, after a very busy year, gave permission for me to publish Major Scott-Calder's book on my website at their meeting on July 28, 2004.

I wish to thank all the people that have helped to bring this account to the public, particularly the author. Please note that I am not a professional editor. Given that the author is not available to discuss any proposed changes, I have tried to use a very light hand; generally limiting the edits to matters of punctuation. In a few cases, I did break down some long and complex sentences to allow for better comprehension. My goal throughout has been to stay true to the author's 'Voice' and to not add, delete or colour any information in Major Scott-Calder's manuscript.

The work of editting and preparing this book for the web in ongoing. Additional chapters will be posted as they are prepared. Once the complete work is ready, I will post a printable copy in Adobe Acrobat format (.PDF).

Robert Lindsay.

November 8, 2004

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